CPCs are constantly changing and it’s hard to keep up in the frenzied world of auction based ad networks. But not to worry, we’ve concentrated all of the cheapest or, if you prefer, cost-effective CPC networks out there just for you. We promise not to tell your competitors and jack up the prices….so here goes.

Hold up a second. There’s more here than what you think.

If you’re not fully up to speed on Timeless Traffic Review strategies, I want to give you a lightning fast primer. Nothing too painful. Just a quick wax and rip touch up job. My objective is to give you a heads up on where to buy some of the cheapest ads (i.e. low CPC bids). But we’ll jabber on a bit about arbitrage and let you know why you might want to try it too.

In fact, let’s get that out of the way first. Then we’ll get you into our list of 9 new networks for low CPC costs.

What is online traffic arbitrage in 30 seconds or less?

Wax on, wax off. Here’s a simple version.

You buy low and sell high – at the same time. In the online ad world, the pros who pull this off have a simple formula:

My total ad earnings from paid traffic > My total ad spend

Traffic arbitragers pay for cheap ads. And then they get those visitors to click on higher CPC ads on their own site.

Understanding the
HIIT 2 Fit Review is easy. The harder part is making sure that you actually make it work. That means figuring out a way to earn more than you spend in ads.

How do we find the cheapest CPC ads?

The low priced CPC ads that you buy create the gap. It’s the source of the opportunity for you.

A little perspective here. If you’re selling a product or service, you need to make sure your ads are effective. They have to convert or you lose money. Of course.
In ad networks with good conversion rates, and lots of active buyers, the CPC bids get driven up by all the competition.

If the traffic converts, advertisers are going to be there. In an arbitrage scenario, we just want transitional traffic. Generally, we want them on our sites long enough for them to click our own ads.

To do that, we aren’t going to be able to pay high CPC bids on the most competitive networks.

Side note: If they do happen to convert into your other marketing and sales channels, we’re not going to turn them away.

So that’s the basis for why we’re talking
Levidio Personal Branding Review today.

We need to find networks that give us opportunities to drive paid traffic back to our site with ads at sharply discounted rates.

Here Are 9 Ad Networks With Lower CPC Ad Costs (That aren’t bots)

I want to share with you 9 ad networks that are on my radar for lower CPC. You can test and experiment with the traffic to see if results in cost efficient conversions for you. If your site is optimized and getting a higher average CPC for your ad clicks, you may even be able to utilize these low priced ads for an arbitrage scenario.

  1. Taboola

Taboola isn’t exactly small potatoes, until you stand them up next to AdSense. They are doing 750 Million unique visitors per month. Their model is to drive traffic to your content by posting links to it on their partner sites. As an ad buyer, your content becomes a recommendation, and the ad clicks may be more cost effective than the big players.

  1. Facebook (Mobile Traffic)

Facebook has a massive swath of traffic, much of it mobile based. You know, people checking their Likes at dinner or during the dull parts of the movie – or the good parts of the movie. They’re targeting is expectedly top notch since they track so much data on their users. You can zero in on ideal ad clickers. But keep in mind, it can impact your per click costs. As Facebook works hard to monetize all that mobile traffic, you benefit by getting lower costs per click.

Another little tid bit you might enjoy, cheap clicks are usually based on an auction rather than fixed prices. That means that if you find a network with few advertisers you have a good chance of also finding some cheap clicks.

So if you’re already doing Facebook, give the new Instagram ads a try. Full disclosure, we’re basing this on simple logic, we haven’t actually tried it out yet so please let us know if it’s a good source of cheap CPCs for you. Finally, we wrote up a case study based on a Facebook ads hack that really works to lower CPCs and increase CTR.

  1. Outbrain

Outbrain follows the same model as Taboola, letting your content get recommended on partner sites. And they work with premium destinations including CNN and ESPN. They aren’t quite as big as Taboola, though not too far behind. That’s a good thing as it puts further downward pressure on their ad costs in order to stay competitive and grow their network.

  1. YouTube Ads

YouTube might scare you a bit if you’re intimidated by the word “video" – as it relates to you having to create it! But the youTube network provides excellent ad targeting opportunities. As a Google property, they collect an immensity of data on their users. So you should be exploring this network. If you absolutely can’t create video, freelancers can do it for you on a minimal budget. That video barrier is a part of the reason you may see better overall CPC rates advertising with youTube.

  1. Gmail Ads

Gmail ads are text based. While Gmail has all kinds of frenzied eyeballs on it every day, they are typically both fleeting and focused. They want to get through their emails as fast as possible. That opens the door for you to get those ads at very competitive rates. Note: You buy these ads from within Google AdWords. In general, the less popular an ad channel, the more likely you are to find low cost CPCs.

  1. RevContent

RevContent comes in 3rd place to Taboola and Outbrain. Beyond the giant face of Steve Jobs on their homepage and some bold marketing that includes the word “manifesto", they are attempting to differentiate by focusing on some user experience aspects with their ad widget. Like the others, it’s a great idea to test them out.

  1. Gravity

Gravity.com is in the recommendation business too. Each of these networks tends to have agreements in place with major publishers. Choosing Gravity over one of the others may come down to reviewing their publisher network. What’s the best match? They advertise “Personalized 1:1 targeting". We can translate that to meaning they put the bulk of their efforts into tracking their users and matching them up with ads. But this is a part of the algorithm for every network.

  1. MGID

MGID is another of the native advertising style networks. You can get lower rates, but you have to monitor your results. You don’t want to pay for ad clicks coming from bots. The smaller the network, the more vulnerable. Keep a watchful idea. It impacts your profitability.

  1. Criteo

Criteo claims “machine learning" is the secret sauce behind their targeting algorithms. Every ad network is constantly trying to find new ones to do so. It makes sense. By helping their advertisers get better results, they make more money from their traffic partners. We have to test to see how they perform versus the other networks. Is the machine learning just some simple data collection and number crunching, or are they building Skynet?

Bonus: Upword came up with a pretty clever hack for Facebook ads that can drive quality traffic for cheap. This clever hack allows you to generate content engagement for cheap and then leverage all your engagement metrics (shares, likes, commments, etc.) to get more clicks on the cheap. So listen up:

Part 1

  1. Use an experimental website first.
  2. Create a large audience from low demand countries with “low purchase intent".
  3. Select interests that would be a good fit.
  4. Optimize your ads for Click-throughs.
  5. Boost the post.

Part 2

  1. Identify your high-value target audience.
  2. Run a split-test of the same creative as the previous ad only without all the engagement gained for cheap.
  3. Watch how your cheap engagement validates your ads and gets you higher CTR with the high-value audience.

Courtesy of Upword

Experiment with Your Ads!

There you have it. 9 good alternative ad networks for you to experiment with. It’s worth the experimentation to see if you can get good results at lower CPC ad rates. In any case, as always, test first. CPCs may vary according to various parameters so what’s cheap for some may not be for you.

Reducing our traffic costs is always going to be a factor. It’s about ROI regardless of how you’re converting the traffic.

However, if you’re an ad monetized business, this even opens the door to experimenting with arbitrage strategies. Can you buy lower cost traffic to your site, and generate more valuable ad clicks at your site? There are pros out there that pull it off.

Thinking about making your site grow, even an arbitrage scenario that runs in the red could be considered a way to grow your audience with ad costs offset by your ad earnings.

Have you tried any of these ad networks for traffic arbitrage before? What were your results?