Another impressive creation by Clay Collins, founder of LeadBrite – a company that’s dedicated to creating the best conversion tools, LeadPages sets the benchmark that absolutely anyone can launch their marketing pages easy and fast, not to mention gorgeous!

Why we love it

It is by far the easiest tool we have ever used without missing useful features like video, email and analytics integration.

What you can do with it

Used by leading internet marketing experts, it is quickly becoming the ‘total page generating tool’ for businesses that helps you get better sales with better landing pages.

Here are the awesome high converting templates you could customize for your products

…and the list keeps growing which is why many like it

Choose your template within an organized template selector. Each template can be previewed using the image slider. You will also notice a short description what the template is good for and if it is mobile responsive or can be used as a Facebook Page.

view the LeadPrimo Review in detail

For each category you pick on the left, you will see all of the available templates with a thumbnail preview.

You can also use the slider to see the template in full view.

How easy it is to use and how does it work

  1. To get started, just login to your account – nothing to install on your computer, you can use this tool anywhere you go
  2. Pick a template and change what you need nice and easy.

Here’s Profit Reign Review

Once you choose a template, the areas you can modify are clearly organized on your left.

You can click on the area you want to start customizing it such as the optin text, button text, or you can click on the menu.

SEO Settings – Add your page title, description, and keywords

Easy to use Style Settings

change the colors you want without having to type in codes

Choose Your Own Background Image

Easily change the page background by uploading your image. It also saves your other images to use on other templates. You can also add your own business logo.

Add headlines, subheadlines, privacy text and footer statements

Does Aweber integrate with leadpages?

Yes! it also works with Superstar Coach Review

You can include videos using the video squeeze page template.

simply paste the embed code of your video

  1. Once you’re happy with the changes you’ve made, pick where you want your newly created page to be used

For the download option, all you have to do is put that file onto your server and it will pull up the resources from leadpages’ servers. So even if you make changes after placing the file, it will automatically reflect on your page. A real time saver.
If you don’t have your own web space yet, you can let LeadPages host it for you. Once you save the page, your url is ready.

Works with WordPress!

You can use the plugin that makes it even easier to install the pages you have created, and giving it your own url.

Now works with Facebook!

You can also create a mobile facebook landing page

It automatically adds the LeadPages app on your Facebook Page.

Just add a good thumbnail picture and place some text

and this is where it would appear.

Your LeadPage can appear as a tab in your Facebook Page

Each template is ready to use as your Landing Page!

3 Reasons to include your page in Facebook

You get higher optin rates and more people feel safer since they are familiar with the interface

If you run facebook ads, you save on cost per click and your ads get approved quicker when you link it back to your landing page within Facebook. They charge less when it’s within their network.

Got many sites? You can duplicate your existing page template for your other sites

Responsive design

adapts to the mobile device used by your visitors

Does LeadPages plugin work with Thesis theme?

Yes. It even works with any WordPress Theme like Genesis by Studiopress or OptimizePress by James Dyson.

Can I add more features to templates?

You can request for a template you want and the development team will process your request.

Can I link to my blog?

Yes however you would need to pick a template that allows page links. Just click on the text area and you can change the label and link. You can also choose to open in a new window or set a nofollow link.

Top features


Have you found yourself torn between 2 designs because one had an optin feature and the other one didn’t? Well now you could add optin boxes called LeadBoxes to any page you like, even if it’s not a LeadPage.

How to install

After placing your optin codes and choosing your design, just hit publish and you’ll be given an HTML code of a link you can put on your blog post.

You can now create Timed Popups and Exit Popups

one click registration feature with Leadlinks

With Leadlinks, Subscribers who have opted in to your list before no longer have to fill out a form when opting in or registering to your webinar.

Once they click the link, they will be instantly registered and taken to a confirmation page.

How it works:
Step #1:
Set-up your integrations: Choose your email service provider that you will use to grow your list with this LeadLink.
Note: At this time, you can not use a LeadLink to build your list inside AWeber or 1ShoppingCart, due to their individual terms of service.

Step #2:
Choose the email service provider to send this email.
Note: The email service provider you use to send out this email can be different from the one that you’re using to build your list. For example, you might use
Aweber to send out this email, but still use OfficeAutopilot to build your list.

Note: If your service does NOT appear in the drop-down menu, you can still use a LeadLink to send out this email. Just replace [email] and [name] form fields with the appropriate format for your service.

Step #3:
Copy this LeadLink, and then paste it into your email.

This feature is available on LeadPages PRO accounts

It works with GotoWebinar and WebinarJam

How to integrate with WebinarJam?
Step #1
On LeadPages, click on your name in the top right corner, Go to integration, click on WebinarJam

Step #2
Enter the API key that you can find in your WebinarJam account, and that’s it. Your Lead Pages account and WebinarJam accounts are now integrated.

Lead Magnets – Deliver content using your optin boxes

Include a free download on when your visitor opts in with just a few clicks!

Switch on Digital Asset Delivery on any Template, Select your list then select the file you want to be given away from your Digital Asset Delivery section.

LeadMagnet delivers the download link to your subscribers inbox

What can you give away?
Zip Files
Access to online courses
and much more

Easily find out which template converts best for you to use

Sort your pages by their optin rate and have the highest converting page appear first.

Optimize your 404 Pages

Turn your broken pages

into powerful list building pages

Pre-populate fields on your page making it easy for your viewers to submit your form without having to retype their email

By adding “?leadpages-e=[email merge field here]" at the end of your URL, the Email field can be pre-filled with as shown in this example.

To display the email from your subscriber list, use the email short code from your provider

You can also use this tip on a webinar registration page

If you also want to customize the name field, add this to your link
“?leadpages-fn=[first name merge field here]&leadpages-e=[email merge field here]"

Page Analytics
With the built in analytics tool, you can see your conversion rate at a glance. It also shows you the number of page views and optins. You no longer have to worry about inserting tracking codes.

Other metrics you can sort

You can also integrate your pages with your preferred analytics tool

Run split tests

Easily create variations to your page without having to install tracking codes, paying extra subscription fees, and setting up each. After setting up your LeadPage, just hit Create a new variation! You can choose to create one from scratch or copy the existing page you have setup.


This feature is highly effective for building your list or signing up to your webinar by helping you capture leads from your customer’s mobile phone.

How does it work?

Let’s say you have a podcast and your listener is viewing your podcast from his mobile device. You can have them easily sign up to your newsletter just by texting a catchy phrase specific to your offer to your LeadDigit.

  1. Give the phrase and number your listeners will send to
  2. Interested viewers will be sent with more info in just a few seconds

Application examples

For real estate agents

In this example, instead of having the bulk of information on your ad, you can simply have your prospects be sent with the property information directly to their phone and email address.

For presentation speakers

In case your listeners want a copy of your slides, you can have them simply text a number that automatically gets their email address and send the slides on autopilot.

The industries who can apply this marketing feature are endless. From podcasters, store owners, gyms, events, meetings, restaurants, billboards, real estate and more.

How easy it is to set up LeadDigits? – just under a minute

  1. Choose your number (short or long codes)
  2. Select the keyword people would text in
  3. Customize the message they would receive when they text in.
  4. Choose what happens when they send their information – Add to an email list or register for a webinar event.
  5. People can start texting once you are done setting up.

How to get this feature?

LeadDigits is only included when you sign up for the Enterprise plan of LeadPages

A preview of the best converting templates

This Webinar Registration page gave a 72% conversion rate for Ryan Deiss

Who should use this?

LeadPages is for you if you want the most straightforward process in creating high converting squeeze pages. It is a great way to get anyone started even with little or no experience in design or code. You can have your own product page up that looks really good and easy to apply on your own website.

It takes away the cost of extra tools like split testing software and analytics and the pain of setting it up with tracking codes and setting up each page.

For those who do not have their own domain or hosting yet, they got you covered by giving you a link hosted on their servers.

Everything you need for your landing pages is in one easy to implement tool.

LeadPages Enterprise Membership – Released!

What’s the difference?
This version gives you all access to LeadPages features with added over-the-phone support and seven weeks of live coaching (with seven weekly consulting calls)

Week 1: how to get up and running quickly, using the most powerful features of LeadPages.
Week 2: how to replicate the highly profitable LeadPages webinar system in your own business.
Week 3: which LeadPages features to use to have the biggest impact on your business.
Week 4: how to generate new leads using LeadPages and create conversions from lost opportunities
Week 5: Conversion Optimization and Split Testing
Week 6: Workflow Tips, so you can set up whole marketing campaigns in a matter of minutes.
Week 7: turn any traffic into profits for your business without employing a team to do it for you.

Includes upcoming features including

  • LeadPages sub-accounts – have multiple users under your own account.
  • Use Multiple Email Service Providers- connect multiple email service providers to your account. (That means if you have 10 clients who use AWeber, you’ll be able to connect all 10 of these clients up with integrations within your enterprise account.
  • integrate with enterprise level systems – includes HubSpot, SalesForce and Marketo — to name a few.

1) Clearly Convey the Value

Many of us create fantastic content for our readers that quickly become meaningless because it’s hidden behind a call-to-action (CTA) that provides no value to your users.

When users come across a CTA, they need to immediately see the gain of clicking it. If that value isn’t clear enough, users instead concern themselves not with what they are gaining, but the cost of clicking.

What You Need to Do

Don’t focus on copy that explains what the user needs to do to receive your content. Instead, use copy that outlines the benefits the offer has and the pain points it relieves. Make sure the value of clicking outweighs the cost.

Also, be explicit in the copy you use on your button. Button copy like ‘Submit’ or ‘Buy It’ are extremely generic and vague.

‘Submit’ masks what the action is and leaves users wondering what they are actually receiving on that next page. ‘Buy’ is just as bad and reminds users that there is the next step of actually having to pay for something, causing them to forget about value over cost.


Writework experimented with changing their call-to-action at the bottom of their essays from ‘Read Full Essay Now’ to ‘Get Instant Access Now’. Although the later was more actionable, it failed to mention what they were getting access to. This led to a 39% decrease in their conversion rate. Yikes!

What Unbounce does really well is leveraging its value proposition to ensure that all of their visitors can easily identify the benefit of using Unbounce landing pages.

Rather than a button that just says ‘learn more’, Unbounce explicitly says what they will see and learn about on the next page.

2) Reduce Risk

According to Dr. Robert Cialdini, a psychology professor at Arizona State University, “People see an action as more appropriate when others are doing it."

Depending on the action users need to fulfill to receive the benefit, adding something extra to assure their information is safe, or that others have also participated helps users feel more comfortable.

What You Need to Do

People are risk-averse. It means “most people would prefer a sure outcome than to take a risk at something that has potentially higher value."

So although the value you are converting may be high, if they don’t feel there is a guaranteed value behind their conversion, then they won’t convert.

In an effort to make people feel more comfortable about taking next steps, consider the benefit of including a testimonial or alternative bit of social proof on your landing page.

If you are selling a product, buyer testimonials or badges that assure safe, virus-free transactions are some relievers.


Bidsketch not only puts a testimonial front and center on their homepage, but makes sure it supports the value proposition and outlines a potential benefit of signing up. Knowing you can save time saves money is a pretty compelling statement.

iCouponBlog saw a 400% increase in its conversion rate by adding the ‘Secure’ badge above the fold in their sidebar. This assured users that clicking the 'use coupon' button wasn't going to be downloading anything malicious on their computer.

[First is the control, next is the variable.]

3) Leverage Scarcity and Urgency

Scarcity is the feeling that a product is in short supply and that a short period of time, it will run out.

This idea tends to give people FOMO, or Fear-of-Missing-Out. When this is triggered, the person's level of desire for the item quickly rises, creating higher demand.

But scarcity alone isn’t the key to creating that demand. It’s a combination of the value of that item as well as trust within the vender that that deal will ceace when the deadline hits or the quantity hits 0.

What You Need to Do

The first thing you need to do it pick what will drive that urgency.

This could be the deadline for a sale, the quantity of a product you have, the end date of a program you’re running, etc.

Then, you need to stick to it.

Depending on the audience's level of interest in the offer, do not extend the deadline of when you can receive it, or worse, change the quality left of it. This will break down trust between you and the people converting since it now seems you’ve lied to them to entice them. You can however, extend it if you notice conversions are very low, and you want to experiment with tactics to increase conversions on it, but be wary of doing so.

Once you have your offer, dates, and/or quantity is set, it's all up to you how you want to present it.

Make sure you make any elements that promote the urgency obvious enough so there is a distinction between the normal deal. You can start doing this by using keywords such as promote urgency are ‘now’, instant’, ‘hurry’, etc. Red also tends to be a ideal colorpsychologically to get the user's attention to act.


KissMetric's Hiten Shah experimented with offering a 14-day trial over a 30-day trial.

The result?

He found that, while the same number of people signed up for the 14-day trial as they did the 30-day trial, 102% more people used the product when they signed up for the 14-day trial.