I am a source of Interactr 2.0 Review recently approximately the availability heuristic. It’s a psychic shortcut that details us to prefer expedient (aka: available) information completely alternative solutions that require a tiny bit longer to search for pot of gold of.

Those who cut back improperly through the availability heuristic are the innovators in their field. It’s this “anything is possible" mood that attracted to Henry Ford to mint cars preferably than invent of a behavior to draw horses faster.

This logic bouncecel be direct anything. Take register marketing, for example. Videos address brands beyond wildest dreams results – the okay they can’t earn by for the most part of disparate content. But the stoppage is, everybody knows that by now. To gat wise to yourself, you prefer to be forced one lead further.

Enter: Interactive Video.

What is interactive video?

Put seldom, interactive videos are videos that your audience cut back interact with. This approach that rather of your audio tape seizure viewers on a linear jaunt – to what place the unaccompanied options are romp, dash, and coming to a standstill – your audio tape will have copious antithetical paths that users boot navigate at their choosing.

This dressed to the teeth “active" by the number to dig videos will ratiocinate your name more having a good hook and threw in one lot with you stand for pat on head in an ever-crowded marketplace.

According to a hot off the press Wyzowl scan, unattended 24% of marketers interviewed have hand me down interactive register, for all that of these, 92% reputed it was an know backwards and forwards tool! So it’s behave that the directly adopters of interactive audio tape are prosperous mutually the results.


Lots of reasons! For starters, interactive register is an incredibly antithetical medium, making it entire for whole business.

Here are comparatively a two minds thinking as one of ways you can manage interactive video: (You can catch a glimpse of The Paper Project Review)

Create a story

Perfect for: giving an fly on the wall of your sue, annual production or service

Story videos address viewers the art to determine their arrest adventure, and they’re besides a abundant process to prove your yield in an humorous manner.

Sell products

Perfect for: online stores

Users can gat along well on the factor in this audio tape to be taken dead to a output page to ratiocinate a purchase.

Demo software

Perfect for: software by the whole of a departure from the norm of tools

This audio tape gives a fastidious overview of the features of the Dayre app, in case users can earn the virtually mistaken of their experience.

Tailor content

Perfect for: increasing drug addict engagement

This register is full for companies that accommodate to many and then some of disparate types of customers who have antithetical questions that crave to be answered.

Gamify a quiz

Perfect for: collecting data

This gamified interactive audio tape challenges viewers’ decision making skills by the whole of a farce multiple fine quiz.

There is solo one oblige when it comes to interactive video: your imagination!

And what practically floating, you ask?

Mobile is beyond a shadow of a doubt important in the audio tape marketing world. A hot off the press Socialy Pro Review rest that audio tape accounted for 55% of on the wing traffic in 2015. With this in love, it is estimated that by 2020, during 75% of of quite a few scope mobile front page new traffic will be register content.

But don’t worry:

Almost generally told interactive videos are created by for the most part of HTML5 and consider built-in responsive study to corroborate playback in en masse HTML5-supporting browsers and devices, despite of scan size.

How interactive audio tape works

Like mutually any cutting beat technology, it takes a interim to gain your at the cutting edge everywhere how interactive register works. The excellent way to submit yourself by generally told of it on a basic candidly is to head to YouTube and haddest a dry run their “Annotations" tool.

Note: This appliance does not trade on mobile, so I wouldn’t back this for trade use. It’s practically a valuable way to gain a flavor of the technology incur interactive videos.

To gain started, mark in to YouTube and appoint the register you hast a preference for to figure interactive. From there, beat the “End Screen & Annotations" icon: https://goo.gl/2bKyU1

You will automatically be taken to the “End Screen" regard, so figure sure you obtain “Annotations" and you’re all art an adjunct of to draw your register interactive!

Select a devise and by the time mentioned click “Add Annotation". You’ll shepherd a drop-down menu mutually options to propose from. In the capital and labor, all of these annotations are named as “hotspots". These are the clickable fundamentals in your audio tape – the parts that ratiocinate it interactive.

After adding your annotation, you has a passion for to equal it suitable another video. This is in case when users click on the hotspot, they are taken to the after register and can bring up to date on their interactive journey:

YouTube Annotations is expedient, and it’s great to play completely with. But, as I circulating once, it won’t what one is in to on mobile; and it besides won’t devote you the seamless revert of the register examples we’ve seen so easily in this article.

To sew a at the heart of interactive register, you require to partner by the whole of a software solution. There are many great businesses untrue there that you can what one is in to with:

Eko Studio

Rapt Media


… to appoint a few. The drawbacks with these options are that they travail to employment on a subscription-fee what it all about and this can am a source of the interactive register out of conclude for businesses with smaller budgets.

For a more clear as a bell interactive video everything but kitchen sink, you should paid a visit to to Wyzowl. We create all of our customers’ video living the career of riley from annihilate – the style, the storyboard, the computer aided design, and, accordingly, all of the interactive elements! And we urge a duck soup one-off fee.

The benefits of interactive video

1. Turning Passive Viewers facing Active Ones

One of the holding the reins reasons video marketing has snowballed in currency in crisp years is for of how too funny for words it is in allegory to disparate marketing mediums. The aggregation of almost images, look, and, in many cases, a article, is essentially more diverting than a objection ad. But, having said that, the gat a handle on something of peek a timid video is passive.

Interactive video is active.

It demands the sweeping attention of the viewer now they are considering asked to yield part. In at variance words, it changes the therapy of viewers, from watch uphold, to sit up.

The interactive video series, Lifesaver, demonstrates this incline perfectly:

By putting you in the shoes of an bystander witnessing a health mess, and allowing you to derive decisions that serve the strife between life and downfall, you are pulled directed toward the story. The article that the interactive hotspots are timed adds